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The McCook Beauty Academy, founded in 1952, is Nebraska’s oldest privately owned school of Cosmetology.  The Academy was organized and founded by Mrs. Evelyn T. Grubb, a well-known artist and educator in the field of Cosmetology.  The School’s original location was in the 200 block of Norris Avenue.  The present building was built in 1956 and has been the home of the McCook Beauty Academy since that year. 

In 1964 the school ownership changed to the present owners Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lucas.  The school administration has seen much change in the goals of Cosmetology in Nebraska and has been involved in many forward-paced legislative articles concerning the profession. 

In its long history of providing Cosmetology education for any student who can meet entrance requirements, the McCook Beauty Academy stands as a highly recognized institution of Cosmetology training in Nebraska